'Play' is my life philosophy.
To play is to have fun. To have fun creates memorable moments. This simple yet amazing concept, when used as a tool, offers us photographers a moment of authentic communicable emotion. Best of all - it can be shared! To fill all our souls with nostalgia, admiration, inspiration, love, laughter, and all good things that make us feel nice!
In the beginning I went to some prestigious university where I learned about important things like student loans. Starting my career as a runner in the stills production industry in 2010, I worked for and then assisted different, famous and important photographers. My persistence and ambition to be amongst the best has taken me through the in's and out's of producing imagery as a career. From producing and art directing to shooting and post production. Ending up where we are now.. I see the production through from beginning to end and this is where we make magic happen!
Current clients range from local editorial to international brands, first page results on Getty Image searches to ABC.
As one of six selected photographers to be part of the international agency, Caia Image - www.caiaimage.com, I also produce unique rights managed/royalty free imagery from Cape Town to the global creative industry via stock libraries.
We are currently celebrating an awesome 2016, which was blessed with great opportunities, amazing memories and some extraordinary people. Please feel free to make contact below and let us know how we can collaborate on the next out of this world project.

I look forward to meeting you....

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