As a photographer
It is our given passion to observe what the world has put forth. And thus, we tend to learn a little bit more about our existence each and every moment we encounter. The next question then is...
What do we want these moments to feel like?
My Vision
I aim to inform and creatively inspire virtual visitors through original authentic visual content based in still images, 360 virtual reality and videos.
I am a lifestyle photographer with storytelling at the heart of my business. Taking client briefs and turn them into bespoke emotive visual content that moves audiences to build a connection is my vision. Create content that inspires means to me content that evokes a strong sense to dream big and experience places, people and things before they have even been there. With technology constantly evolving, I use the latest technology to enhance my offering and bring you bespoke and professional visual content.

My Ethos
I am highly dedicated to my craft and passionate about any type of assignment.
Be it commercial or editorial productions, I bring an invaluable mix of experience, technical knowledge, motivational play, and directing timed choreography onto the set. In this approach I create a way to always have an element of honesty in any commission. My process of exploration resonates throughout my portfolio, echoing a fondness for a special kind of staged documentary and insights into the human experience. When working with me it soon becomes clear that I engineer an active and positive atmosphere on set... This ability to harness the essence of the "experience", with a natural South African touch, leaves a strong presence all round. I hope to inspire those who view my images to embrace life with open arms, to play more in their every day moments, to incite feelings of joy - because happy people are contagious! On a technical note - Always travel light, connect with your models, understand your client, and have fun!
The Goal.
To begin each journey with an emotion and turn that into an authentic immersive experience that when captured will leave audiences wanting to experience more.
Let's bring ideas to life...
Thank you!
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